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We had just 48 hours to conceive, write, shoot and edit an original short film. Each film had to contain three elements. A consultant named Tom (or Tina) Goodwin, a book, and the line of dialogue “When will she be here?” The genre we picked was sci-fi.

Synopsis: This sci-fi drama takes us to an Orwellian future. A dystopian society where everyone is connected and technology allows man to consume massive amounts of content in just seconds. Volumes of books, films and television are instantly absorbed. Over time, this has made mankind incapable of original creativity. All but one individual.

This is the story of Tom Goodwin, a technology consultant responsible for supplying content for the masses. A man who holds a secret that he is keeping. Someone he is protecting. But is it strictly for selfish reasons? Or is it because of feelings he’s too afraid to reveal.

The choices we make in life determine what, or whom, we truly love.

COMING SOON (-ish) Behind the Scenes Documentary

We are in development of an extensive behind the scenes “making of…” doc. We have tons and tons of behind the scenes Flip and 7D footage, as well as photos.  You’ll see the entire process of creating a short film from concept to completion. It will be a great resource for all kinds of filmmakers, particularly DSLR filmmakers. And of course, 48 hour filmmakers. 😉 Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to this blog to stay notified.


There are about six homages to sci-fi literature, TV or films. Can you spot them? One was already given to you. Can you catch the rest? Also, the technology displayed in this film is closer than you think.

View the Trailer

View the Film

  1. Great story concept. Can’t wait to see it. Not sure where you guys are located, but if you need a hand, you know where to find me.

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